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First of all, SKWATT is the solution for creators and brands that want their own merchandise. The solution that SKWATT offers makes it possible for creators to have their own merchandise. without any financing. We believe that creators should get what they are entitled to. SKWATT does this by taking the business side of building your own brand off your hands. We do this for medium-sized content creators who want to be fully engaged in content creation. Therefore, these creators can keep focussing on their content. By taking over the business side in a personal and involved way, we create a community consisting of our affiliated creators. Eventually, partners can benefit from the SKWATT network. The core values ​​within this SKWATT are respectinvolvementambition, and trust!

The goal of SKWATT is to create a community that creators and brands can benefit from. This community consists of several creators and brands who create their own content. Ultimately, SKWATT offers creators the opportunity to expand their brand in an easy, creative way without the need for business experience and/or knowledge. In this, SKWATT will protect creators from the big brands that exploit these creators.